short and intense

our story

In 2015 my family and I, we started together the adventure of winemaking The Hare and The Moon in Montecassiano, a tiny Medieval village in the province of Macerata, the Marches.


With care, passion and hard work, we planted ourselves our vineyard starting from the bare ground: working the land, planting vines, positioning poles and pulling wires are just few of the activities we had to deal with.
It is a family business and nearly every step is done manually (pruning, binding, harvesting, cleaning and so on) using only biological products when it is strictly necessary. After the vineyard, we moved to the winery: first the building, then the plants, and few but of excellent-quality machinery. We chose to start right away with amphoras and to recycle all construction materials, because here in the countryside wasting is not an option.