vision and ispiration

what we believe in

We are inspired and guided by the respect for our land and the willingness to make people taste the grape in the most honest and natural way.


Deep and advanced knowledge of the cultivation and vinification processes are applied to the most ancient vinification instrument: the Terracotta Amphora. Very few bottles are produced to guarantee the excellence in the production process and quality of the raw materials. At the same time, we have a wide array of products, because we love tasting all the possible shades of aromas and flavours that you can obtain from a single, high quality ingredient: the grape. Our pillars: the least possible number of organic-only chemical treatments, minimum mechanical processes, autochthonous yeasts only, no additive, correction, flavour or substance added, no clarification. Minimum intervention with the greatest care during the vinification and ageing processes bring in your glass the essence of the fruit of our land and its different personalities.