Notes on 2017 harvesting

Winter passed with temperatures often above average and with repeated rains. In the spring, the thermometer recorded values ​​above normal (+ 1.6 ° C) with repeated and intense rainfall. The months of June and July put a strain on the water resources of the vineyards, both for the high temperatures and for the very low rainfall. That of 2017 was the third consecutive month of July warmer than the norm with an average temperature that reached maximum values ​​above 40 ° C, never previously recorded. The first phenological stages of the vine were generally early, so much so that veraison and ripening showed a strong advance. There were no particular problems concerning downy mildew and powdery mildew. Thermal stresses caused reduced berry development. The red grapes have shown a very high sugar value compared to the phenolic maturity, with less mature tannins. A year of generally good quality, but with a strong contraction in production.