La Lepre e la Luna

The hare and the moon are two elements that we instantly loved and that were peculiar of the astonishing place we are, even before we acquired it.

There are several families of hares running around and playing under the olive trees in summer.

The first time we visited the land at night, the moon was full and shining above the land where the vineyard would then be planted.

One day in a library we discovered the legend of the Moon Rabbit and everything became crystal clear: these two elements, synonyms of generosity, prosperity, and fertility, were what we were looking for to give our project a true character.

For those who do not know the story and are interested in reading more, we have illustrated here the main version and the different variations, that take inspiration from different communities and religions, and that have inspired even movies and comic strips.

Short and intense

Our History

In 2015 my family and I, we started together the adventure of winemaking in Montecassiano, a tiny Medieval village in the province of Macerata, the Marches.

With care, passion and hard work, we planted ourselves our vineyard starting from the bare ground: working the land, planting vines, positioning poles and pulling wires are just few of the activities we had to deal with.

It is a family business and nearly every step is done manually (pruning, binding, harvesting, cleaning and so on) using only biological products when it is strictly necessary.

After the vineyard, we moved to the winery: first the building, then the plants, and few but of excellent-quality machinery. We chose to start right away with amphoras and to recycle all construction materials, because here in the countryside wasting is not an option.

The first vinification took place in 2017, and gave birth to our first five products: 3 mono-variety, a blend and a passito.

In 2018, we rented an additional piece of land with a 40-years-old vineyard to produce white wine.

In 2019, our production increasingly expanded, adding a rosé, re-fermented white and rosé wines, and an ancestral method.

Just wait for this year!

Vision and Inspiration

What we believe in

We are inspired and guided by the respect for our land and the willingness to make people taste the grape in the most honest and natural way.

Deep and advanced knowledge of the cultivation and vinification processes are applied to the most ancient vinification instrument: the Terracotta Amphora.

Very few bottles are produced to guarantee the excellence in the production process and quality of the raw materials. At the same time, we have a wide array of products, because we love tasting all the possible shades of aromas and flavours that you can obtain from a single, high quality ingredient: the grape.

Our pillars: the least possible number of organic-only chemical treatments, minimum mechanical processes, autochthonous yeasts only, no additive, correction, flavour or substance added, no clarification.

Minimum intervention with the greatest care during the vinification and ageing processes bring in your glass the essence of the fruit of our land and its different personalities.


Our team

We, Gianluca and Roberta, are two electronic engineers and what would two engineers do  in the winemaking world without the support of a valuable team of collaborators?

They patiently help us and guide us, with their extreme competence and professionalism.