Italian people are way traditional! We usually spend the Christmas time reunited with the whole family, and this year was no exception!

What we tasted and its pairings:

DONO: amphora rosé, Montepulciano 100% –> puff pastry minicup with white meat ragout
ETERNA: amphora red, Merlot 100% –> homemade cappelletti in in-house raised capon broth
LUNA: amphora red, Montepulciano 100% –> boiled capon and beef
TEMPIO: amphora white, Maceratino 100% –> calamarata pasta with seasonal home-grown vegetables, almond chicken with soy sauce cream
SACRIFICIO: sweet passito wine aged in cherry-wood small barrel, montepulciano 100% –> various typical Italian Christmas treats
SELVA: sweet wine made with infused wild cherries –> various typical Italian Christmas treats

Food was delicious😋!! And about the wine 🍷… I can’t say anything, I’m too biased😉!!

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